All Zille does is just blast away

I am surprised by the new way of campaigning by the DA and am struggling to understand the reasoning behind their usage of the word "Alliance".

Who is the DA allied to?

Anyway, the loud but unimpressive noise of the "Stop Zuma Campaign" clearly depicts Helen Zille, pictured, as a politician without a political spine or wisdom.

One thing she does not know or is not aware of is that the people of South Africa will vote for the ANC and Zuma.

Nxamalala will be the face of the ANC as the presidential candidate.

I think Zille should enrol for crash courses in politics and the dynamics of electioneering.

Whenever she stands in front of people with a microphone in her hand, all she does is blast Zuma and the ANC.

People want to know what does the DA offer them, besides their whirlwind of nonsense.

The more Zille blasts the ANC and Zuma, the more she makes them attractive to the people.

She really needs rehabilitation because she behaves like a political toddler.

Mapo Phaahle wa Mokoena, GaMasemola