Zuma is victim of macabre plot

The decision by the National Prosecuting Authority to drop all charges against ANC president Jacob Zuma vindicates the judgment of Judge Chris Nicholson and discredits that of the Supreme Court of Appeal.

Justice was done. Zuma was the victim of a macabre conspiracy, hatched within the inner sanctums of power and piloted by powerful individuals with sinister motives.

No individual in our history was persecuted and prosecuted on so grand a scale. Its scope and depth was breathtaking. Trial by media was also instrumental in the vilification of Zuma.

If we are completely honest with ourselves, especially in spirit and willing to view the new information with an open and critical mind, we find ourselves in agreement with the common truth: that there was a conspiracy to shatter Jacob Zuma's political future.

If there were no such things as conspiracies, governments would not need intelligence agencies, which sit behind closed doors and secretly plot how to infiltrate other governments to illegally gather intelligence.

People who reject the reality of conspiracies either have not thought the issue through or do not want to believe that there are people who plot the destruction of others.

Farouk Araie, Benoni