The PAC will never join the arrogant ANC

In his letter, "Let PAC die a dignified death", Sicelo Dladla said the party should join the ANC.

Let me tell him why the PAC will not join the ANC.

The PAC believes in African nationalism, which is the only philosophy that can unite the African masses by providing a loyalty higher than tribes (cliques and factions) and thus mould them into a militant, disciplined force, as was said by Robert Sobukwe in 1959.

This outlook outlines our fundamental postulates with respect to our social intentions. These, as Sobukwe so eloquently pointed out, were met by Anton Lembede.

The programme of action was met in 1949 to provide the ANC with the popular nation-building programme, which it abandoned for the Freedom Charter of 1955.

I mention the ANC of 1955 because the PAC is walking in the footsteps of the ANC of 1912, the South African Native National Congress.

The social intentions of the ANC of 1955 is to embark on get-rich-quick schemes, corruption and exploitation of the masses by giving them food parcels at election time.

In January 1959, Sobukwe said Africanists didn't want a blind following, but an intelligent, informed and politically educated membership, which is currently being cultivated and will one day send shock waves through the arrogant ANC of 1955.

I wish the PAC a happy 50th anniversary.

Sam Ditshego, Kagiso