'ex-COUNCILLOR shot hubby seven times'

Alex Matlala

Alex Matlala

A former ANC ward councillor was arrested after allegedly spraying her husband with a hail of bullets after an argument over divorce.

Mahlodi Lydia Sekokotla shot her husband seven times with a service pistol.

Sekokotla, who worked as a councillor in Makhutsi in GaMametja in the Sekororo area, was allegedly involved in a protracted row with her husband, Sello Mnisi, 55, over divorce for some time until she allegedly shot him dead on Monday afternoon.

Sekokotla had been married before to Abel Morei of Sofaya village in the Sekororo village.

A family source, whose name is known to Sowetan , described Sekokotla as an abusive woman who had at one stage kicked her husband out of the house after an altercation over alleged infidelity.

"She produced a firearm and swore at him that she will shoot him if he did not move out and leave her alone," said the source.

Since then the strain on their marriage had worsened, resulting in the husband moving out of the house, according to the source.

Limpopo police spokesperson Mohale Ramatseba said the incident took place on Monday at about 5pmwhen Sekokotla returned back home.

He said an argument between the couple - who have three children - ensued resulting in Sekokotla shooting her husband across the body and the chest, killing him instantly.

Ramatseba said the couple had been experiencing serious marital problems, but could not say what exactly were the problems.

A source from the village claimed the husband had accused Sekokotla of being disrespectful, abusive and promiscuous.

He said they had an argument over infidelity at the weekend and she walked out of the house, leaving the husband alone.

"When she came back, another heated argument ensued and she pulled out a firearm and shot him several times, killing him instantly," the source alleged.

The incident takes place a few years after another ANC councillor, Cindy Mphangane, of Matikoxikaya, was stabbed several times in the chest by her husband after he allegedly accused her of infidelity.

Sekokotla was arrested soon after the incident and she will appear before the Namakgale Magistrate's Court soon to face a charge of murder.