NIA saga proves abuse of power

Cope is excited that 51percent of ANC voters believe Jacob Zuma is not innocent. Those who doubt his innocence must vote with their minds, not their hearts.

They vote for Cope, to undermine Mokotedi Mpshe's bad work, knowing very well that the NIA tapes were not supposed to be in the hands of the accused's lawyers.

We all worked tirelessly for the ANC. We trusted them with power, but they have abused that power.

For argument's sake, even if Leonard McCarthy's and Bulelani Ngcuka's cellphones were intercepted, why did they land in the hands of Zuma's lawyers? Is this not abuse of state organs? Why did Mpshe rely on tapes that were not submitted to him?

Judge Bess Nkabinde alleges that she might be under surveillance because Judge John Hlope knew that she was dealing with the issue of privilege in the matter of Zuma and the NPA. Hlope also claimed that others will be "removed or purged" under Zuma. Indeed Zuma has lambasted the Concourt judges, including Judge Pius Langa.

Thabo Mbeki is correct to question how NIA information ended up with Zuma's lawyers.

If judges can be spied on to defeat justice, what about ordinary citizens?

Phillip Mhlongo, Cope KwaZulu-Natal