Metro cops bust by own mates

Cecil Motsepe

Cecil Motsepe

Johannesburg Metro cops nabbed two of their own in road safety operations this weekend.

City spokesperson Nthatisi Modingoane was arrested on Friday night for alleged drunken driving and a police officer was nabbed for reckless and negligent driving on Thursday.

"Nthatisi was locked up for two nights. He tried to use his status and connections in the city to stay out of jail but the arresting officer put his foot down," said a source.

"Since David Thembe took over as the acting chief no one can afford to commit a blunder. The man has made it clear that he is here to do what he gets paid for."

Modingoane is reportedly out on bail. When contacted for comment he said: "How do you know because I do not know? Who told you? Go with what your source is telling you but I don't agree."

When pressed, Modingoane lost his temper and hung up the telephone.

About 115 motorists were nabbed in and around the city.