Rumour has it that we only get to live once. We also get only one chance to impress the powers above. One chance to make history by becoming rock stars or curing deadly diseases. And most importantly, in my humble opinion, one opportunity to indulge in the hedonism that is conjured up by humanity.

Right at the top of that list of hedonistic indulgences is the delight of chocolate.

Ferrero, one of the world's largest confectionary companies, has already tantalised us with their balls of chocolate and hazelnut heaven, the golden-wrapped Ferrero Rocher.

Now they lure us over to the dark side with Ferrero Rondnoir; decadent dark chocolate wrapped in delicate wafer, which is then embraced by dark chocolate cream and snuggled with tiny dark chocolate pebbles.

Now, if it turns out to be true that you only get to live once, how could you possibly not indulge in all that divine dark chocolate?

And if we do get to return, I suspect the Ferrero Rondnoir is the perfect place to resume the adventure.

Ferrero Rondnoir is available in packs of four for R19,99 and a dozen for R54,99.