Buthelezi slams ANC over 'culture of corruption'

Canaan Mdletshe

Canaan Mdletshe

Inkatha Freedom Party leader Mangosuthu Buthelezi yesterday lambasted the ANC for "menacing the whole country with corruption".

In perhaps his hardest hitting attack on the ruling party, Buthelezi warned all South Africans that the integrity of the country's entire society was being threatened by a growing culture of corruption.

Buthelezi was addressing an IFP rally in Camperdown, outside Pietermaritzburg, which was attended by more than 2000 supporters.

He also urged voters who recognised the ANC's "abysmally corrupt record of governance" in KwaZulu-Natal to vote for the IFP, describing the forthcoming elections as a "two-horse race" between his party and the ANC.

He said he harboured a "growing fear for South Africa's future if the ANC remains in power".

"I'll tell you bluntly, South Africa cannot bear this growing burden of corruption.

"As the poor have got poorer a corrupt minority have enriched themselves beyond greed.

"Corruption is distorting the moral and economic fabric of our country. Its tentacles are reaching out into every part of our economy. and threatening to choke off its lifeblood," he said.

Buthelezi said he was "saddened" that 15 years of democracy, sprung by the countless promises of 1994, had now found South Africa with millions of people without houses, jobs, as well as a diminishing education and health system.

"I have fought too long and too hard to bring justice and prosperity to the people of South Africa, to give up now.

"So I cannot over-emphasise today how important it is that each one of us goes to the voting stations on April 22. We cannot begin anew unless all our voices are heard," he said

He said that if the IFP was to win back the province, they needed to win in Pietermaritzburg. "It is a two-horse race in this province between the IFP and the ANC. No other party can win," he stressed.