Attitude of cashiers leaves a bitter taste

I have noted with interests that most cashiers at supermarkets or any retail stores are women - and mostly black.

I have noted with interests that most cashiers at supermarkets or any retail stores are women - and mostly black.

I am not sure whether a research was conducted to determine if women are better at providing good service than men.

What I do know is that many cashiers have foul manners that they normally dish out to black customers. It does not matter which day it is, they are always in a foul mood.

As a frequent victim of their unbecoming behaviour, I always wonder when will these cashiers start to respect "black money".

This is not about a survey conducted to determine the attitudes of cashiers on black customers. It is my humble opinion from my experiences in dealing with these sullen souls.

You will find them at shops, retail stores and restaurants. It will not help to change places where you shop because it seems every store has one or two of them.

This black-on-black hatred starts as you approach the till point. All of a sudden the cashier has other things to do, besides helping you. Even after you greet her to attract her attention, she will still ignore you.

Then when she thinks she is ready to assist you, she will give you an irritated look as if she is doing you a favour. Without saying a word, she will rudely grab the items you are buying from your hands.

She will absent-mindedly ring them. If it is grocery then she is going to throw it around. Some items might even get opened because of the force used.

Then it's the payment. If you are paying in cash, she will check several times if the notes are not fake before throwing the money into the till drawer.

If you are using a debit card, she will start a conversation with the next cashier and they will giggle while you wait for her to process your payment.

When she has finally processed it, you will still have to put the items in the plastic bags yourself.

But if there's a white person behind you, she will then smile and politely greet him or her. The white person is likely to finish the transaction while you are still trying to pack your items. The cashier will promptly assist the white person with packing as well.

Complaining about this shoddy service will often not help because the cashier will start giving you more grief by being even slower.

This attitude runs up to management and complaining is just a waste of time. Next time you visit the shop, the cashier will tell other cashiers about the incident and you will be accused of acting white.

One wonders if good service is only reserved for whites. I thought money was the same but it seems "black money" has less value, according to our black sisters at the tills.

Next time cashiers complain about their poor salaries they must remember that the reason they are underpaid could perhaps be that they are paid only with "white money" which has more value to them.