Withdrawal of case was done legally

I am perturbed by the way some in our society interpret the rule of law, especially around the Jacob Zuma case.

To many people, it seems that the only justice that can happen in Zuma's case is that he should be found guilty. This is indeed a sad day and a culmination of a trial by media that the ANC president has been subjected to.

To this end, I am equally disturbed by the utterances that are made by the likes of Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who in my view has already judged Zuma, even though the Bible says judgment is for God and God alone.

Now coming back to the merits of the Zuma case, the process of discontinuing with the charges has happened within the ambits of the law and within the constitutional provisions.

If the prosecution of Zuma has been seen as incorrect and inconsistent with the constitutional provision, then it makes sense that it be discontinued. For the opposition parties to then suggest that this means travesty to the justice system, it says they themselves do not understand our legal and justice system.

So in the interest of justice, I want to remind everyone that cases are withdrawn each and every day in our courts if they are seen to lack evidence; if they are seen to be unfair; if they are seen to contravene the judicial and constitutional provisions, and we say nothing about them.

Makhiwesizwe Motha, Sunnyside