'We will create jobs, cut crime'

DA Manifesto

DA Manifesto

l Provide a minimum income grant funded through tax on luxury goods, alcohol and cigarettes.

l Create jobs by massively boosting small business development.

l Subsidise wages of job seekers between the ages of 18 to 25, giving businesses a real incentive to hire first time work seekers.

l Position South Africa as a world leader in solar-power energy and create thousands of jobs.

l Fight crime by boosting the police service to 200000 and employing 5000 more social workers.

l Provide antiretrovirals to more people, introduce national health insurance and fill 55000 vacancies in the health sector.

l Provide all schools with electricity, water and sanitation within two years.

l Make sure every school has a library, laboratory and free Internet within five years.

l Give teachers performance bonuses and take those unwilling or unable to teach out of the system.

l Child education grant for poor pupils to cover school fees, transport and uniforms.

l Institute a comprehensive rural development strategy that rolls out basic services, supports farmers and builds local rural markets.