Plan a perfect holiday trip

Amanda Ngudle

Amanda Ngudle

People often ask: "So what do you do once you have downed a glass of wine, gone on a cruise and finished that off with your dessert of choice?"

My answer and probably that of most travel agents would start off by correcting the sequence of the question, and then explain the reasons why people take trips for holidays anyway.

For people like me, travellers seek adventure. Others want to impress their loved ones, while others want to unwind. So it really doesn't matter what you do after the night cap. The possibilities are endless.

When planning a holiday trip you need to compile a list of activities you want, and this will also help you make the perfect choice for a holiday destination.

"There are many places to go and see but your personality should determine your place of choice," warns Princess Mazaka, a travel agent. "It's a waste of time to go to a gambling resort when you are the opposite to that kind of entertainment."

All resorts have a speciality. For instance, Sun City's spearhead is gambling, seclusion, entertainment and luxury. Places like Madikwe offer the best game drives, intimate service, majestic sights and recreation and leisure.

When people opt for the Blue Train it's because they seek grandeur, luxury, motion, picturesque landscape and the sheer pleasure of enjoying the journey to and from their destination.

What kind of holiday works for you? You can make your choice based on these simple examples:


Hotels are a perfect way to unwind, though most are situated in the hearts of cities. The advantage is that they are usually within cultural hubs, restaurants, flea markets and transport systems, making every need a possibility.

Guest house

If the owner knows his stuff, this is a clever choice for those desiring a home-away-from-home experience. Here, the mood is always more relaxing, the food is tastier and rooms are cosier. Mazaka says that most guest houses, especially in Cape Town and Mpumalanga, would give many five-star graded hotels a run for their money. Service is almost exclusive and surroundings very comforting.

Holiday lodges/resorts

Most lodges carry with them that feeling of seclusion and a one-stop shop experience under one roof. Cuisine is usually a priority and rooms are often much bigger. These are perfect for both winter and summer holidays. You need to enquire though if they cater for families as most are favoured by honeymooners and may not be keen on children.

Luxury trains

Luxury trains offer the same kind of exhilaration as horse riding and fishing. I often see train travellers watching in total glee as the land gets into motion and the colours of nature change and blend right before their eyes. Luxury trains are also more affordable than most holiday resorts. But trains are not recommended for people who get easily claustrophobic.

Cruise ships

Cruise ships offer holidays at very affordable rates, so it's easy for all of us to go on a cruise. Cruisers can rate ships from several areas, including food, service, accommodation, entertainment, shore excursions, overall condition of the ship, children's facilities and value for money. There are various cruise types for different people, depending on their preferences and requirements.