Conversations as revealed by Mpshe

A few of the conversations in the tape as revealed by Mpshe:

A few of the conversations in the tape as revealed by Mpshe:

l Date 7.11.2007 - 10. 25am

Leonard McCarthy (LM): The second thing is, I, remembering what you said on Saturday, read yesterday's Business Day editorial, you must just read it.

Bulelani Ngcuka (BN): Just remind me.

LM: The editorial is of the view that it appears to benefit Mr Mbeki when Mr Zuma is not facing charges. The third issue is, I met with the guy I mentioned, and you know his line is almost like that of Sam.

BN: Laughs.

LM: But he said he will speak to the man at the weekend. He feels very strongly that I should not see the guy directly, so that if this issue comes up then he can say: "I don't know what the fuck you are talking about."

BN: You know, there are different points of view across the board.

LM: You don't want to join this dinner with Mzi?

BN: No, you will see, his view is completely opposite - he agrees with you. He and Sam agree with you. We had dinner on Sunday, quite a number of people were there, Dlamini was also there. I put a hypothetical question to them: Let's assume the judgment comes out in the next few weeks and it's in favour of those guys, what must happen ?

Mzi was the only one on that table who said let's do it now. Everyone there disagreed with him about the timing of the charges against Mr Zuma.

Mzi Khumalo appears to be the only one who supports the view that it should happen before Polokwane.

l Date: 26.11.2007 - 8 .43pm

BN: So you are the only one who can just save this country from its madness.

LM: Hmm. And what does the big man say, is he alright ?

BN: I don't know. I will try to call him later tonight, he has been in a meeting the whole day, at Shell House of all places (laughs).

LM: I did what you said I should do, I must say.

BN: You did the right thing.

LM: Up until Friday, I received a strong memorandum to say charge, and charge now ...

The team says we have been fucking around with this thing, we are allowing ulterior considerations to come in.

It will become an impossibility later - we must take action now,finish and klaar, as Jackie Selebi says. We will talk when I see you following a discussion about ANC provincial nomination conferences.

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