Tutu wrong to degrade ANC govt to Nats

Archbishop Desmond Tutu's venomous and malicious attacks against the ANC leadership flouted in the media can't be left unchallenged.

Whatever has angered the man of the cloth and human rights champion , has blinded his judgment and logic and led him to ignore the key reasons why the government refused to grant the Dalai Lama a visa. Thus he vomits on the ANC instead of soberly digesting the reasons why the visa was refused.

Tutu boasts about having opposed the apartheid regime while he is a mere armchair human rights champion who sees the world through biblical lenses. He has reduced the ANC of Chief Albert Luthuli, Oliver Tambo and Bram Fischer to the level of the heinous Nats government.

The government's position on the Dalai Lama should not be abused to distract us from our critical task of building a better world.

Consciously or unconsciously, Tutu is part of an agenda which seeks to exploit the fact that we are in election mode and he wants to politicise the government's stance and use the peace conference to opportunistically support an anti-Chinese Tibet separatist agenda. We are opposed to this evil scheme to pressure the government into interfering with China's internal affairs .

We are deeply touched by Tutu's passionate human rights stance and welcome his guidance - as long as it's consistent with our foreign policy.

Fany Mabuza, ANCYL Brixton