Renounce the renegades

The ANC must not welcome back those rogue elements who served divorce papers on it because they left on their own accord.

Many left because they were promised that they would be on the final lists for the provincial and national parliaments.

Some resigned from well-paid positions while others were MECs and councillors. Many will want to return if they do not get to Parliament.

Many of the people who left sowed disunity and fought for positions and government tenders. With their departure, the ANC will finally be able to discharge its mandate of a better life for all.

The opportunistic return of Mlungisi Hlongwane is a case in point. When he left, he vilified the ANC. I have lost all respect for him. It shows how desperate some people can be.

Cope will not do significant harm to the ANC in the coming elections. Throughout its existence, the ANC has survived infiltrations, imprisonment, mutinies, assassinations, the formation of UDM and more recently, the formation of Cope. When the UDM was formed, there were similar noises in the country. We were told that it will take over the Eastern Cape, its stronghold. Now we are told that the ANC will lose Western and Eastern Cape.

The masses will once again overwhelmingly vote for the ANC in this month's elections, just as they did in the past three general elections.

Donald Mogotsi, New Eersterus