All leaders must chide hooligans

It is very disturbing to see members of political parties disrupt meetings of other parties. It is alleged that some supporters attend the meetings under the influence of alcohol. It is worrying that most leaders of the offending parties are mum about this.

At least ANC Youth League president Julius Malema has called for tolerance. In Limpopo and Western Cape, DA supporters behaved like lions. It was embarrassing. Supporters were killed. Elections are just events that will come and go. We can't afford to lose the lives of loved ones because of elections. Let's be mature and agree to disagree and in the process build a strong nation.

Members and supporters of political parties must not provoke other parties by insulting their members and singing derogatory songs about their leaders . Madiba said: "Don't speak about them, do your work. ANC is the movement of the people."

Madiba's words make me strong and I will vote ANC.

There is no need to panic and become violent. Malema is following Madiba's instructions very well. It shows that leaders of the ANC, its youth wing, the Progressive Youth Alliance, South African Student's Congress and Young Communist League are mature. Please let's not behave like hooligans.

Matankana Mothapo, Auckland Park