Dandala asks commuters what state can do for them

Tebogo Monama

Tebogo Monama

The needs of train commuters from Pretoria to Johannesburg are not unreasonable.

Yesterday morning, they told Cope presidential candidate Mvume Dandala that they needed jobs nearer to their homes, better education and a reliable public transport system.

Dandala took the 6.20am train from Pretoria to Johannesburg to listen to what the commuters' needs are.

Sipho Sibanyoni said: "We have been complaining about the trains for so long. We have burned the trains and the stations but still there is no help.

"We need someone to cry to but we know that nothing will happen."

He also said that commuters were not respected.

Dandala said: "I am here to talk to people who use public transport. We want to hear what we can do to help them when we are in government. I promise this is not the last time you see me on the train.

"We have to ensure that public transport works efficiently. We should not only pay attention to the roads but to trains as well to ensure that trains work efficiently."

Dandala said that he was surprised at the number of people who have lost hope in the government.

After the journey, Dandala walked the streets of Johannesburg and talked to people at random about what they want the government to do for them.