murderers guilty

Dudu Busani

Dudu Busani

The son of slain reggae star Lucky Dube said he wished for a harsher sentence after his father's killers were found guilty yesterday.

Thokozani Dube, family members, friends and fans clapped their hands and cheered when the Johannesburg high court delivered the verdict.

"I am satisfied with the judgment. It brings some kind of closure," Thokozani said.

The sentencing process for Sifiso Mhlanga, 31, Julius Gxowa, 30, and Mbuti Mabe, 29, was due to start this morning.

Judge Seun Moshidi convicted the three men of murder, robber with aggravating circumstances, hijacking and possession of firearm and ammunition.

Judge Moshidi then ordered that Thabo Maropeng, an accomplice who turned state witness, be discharged from any prosecution arising from the case.

"His evidence was satisfactory to the court," he said.

Maropeng was the key state witness who provided details of how Dube was killed by him and the three men.

Judge Moshidi also referred to Mhlanga, Gxowa and Mabe's alibis as blatant lies.

"Your alibis were not only false beyond reasonable doubt, they were also contradicted by your own girlfriends," he said to Mhlanga and Gxowa, who both claimed they had been relaxing at home with their girlfriends at the time Dube was killed.

The three killers had been charged with two other hijackings which they committed just a few days before murdering Dube.

Mabe was found guilty of hijacking a VW Polo which they used as a getaway car in the murder, his co-accused were however acquitted on that count.

Commenting on the verdict, the musician's son, and only eyewitness to his father's murder, said he hoped the sentence will be harsh.

"I think I'm going to find closure knowing that the killers have been brought to book."