Zenoyise Madikwa

Zenoyise Madikwa

Winter is on its way. Short days and overcast skies can cast a shadow over even the cheeriest home decor.

A number of studies prove that the environment affects moods. So surround yourself with warm colours and cozy textures to make winter enjoyable.

Plascon's colour manager Anne Roselt gave us some great tips on how to give a home a warmer and cozier look.

"Warm winter décor will add to special effects and give a cozy winter house more warmth," says Roselt.

Roselt's tips and trends:

l Warm colours like purples, reds, oranges and yellows are ideal for cooler days. Simulating the essence of fire, hot colours create an ambience of heat and energy;

l If these colours are too bold for you, use them on a feature wall to create warmth and energy. Choose a colour that matches or contrasts the colours in your fabrics, flooring or accessories. Check out burgundy berry, Sienna sky and hot-n-spicy;

l Or you can go natural. Last year saw an abundance of browns and tans. And this is set to stay for a while. As the world moves towards a consciousness of sustainability and green-living, so do our colour choices and décor palettes. If brown or green don't do it for you, consider creating a feature wall or accessorising with paint techniques like stencilling. And to finish off the look, decorate your space with flowers, bark, wood or pot plants;

l Suede finishes are great for winter as they exude a feeling of warmth and texture. Complement your walls with beautiful suede finishes like ottomans, throws or pillows and relish in the luxury. To create the look, try Plascon's Suede range.

l Metallics are lovely for glamming up bland furniture, pearl paint gives a beautiful shimmer to a surface, creating depth and opulence. Use silvers, golds and bronzes to create a similar look. Look out for Plascon's Designer range and choose from metallic, pearl and suede finishes.

Interior decorator Zukiswa Maxingwana says heavy fabrics such as velvet add more warmth. She advises people to look out for bed sheets and cushions in vibrant rainbow colours and to add on multiple cushions as they add to the cozy feeling.

She adds that wooden lampshades, bright antique pieces, handmade paintings and other intricate craftmanship do wonders.

"If you like pottery, then this is the time to show your skills and embellish the beauty of your rooms. Ensure closeness in terms of furnishings for a cozier feel," Maxingwana says.

"Kids' rooms can be decorated with lots of stuffed toys. Toy themes work well for kids' rooms. Hang colourful posters and paintings."