Mbeki must take a stand

I think actor Mpho Tsedu is correct to say that Thabo Mbeki must not allow Cope to continuously use his name and everything else associated with him because as far as the people are concerned, the former president is an ANC member.

That is why political parties cannot use Madiba's name although they want to be associated with the name.

It is logical that Mbeki cannot remain silent while his name is used by political opponents of the party he joined so many decades ago, and the party he subscribes to. Mbeki should either own or disown Cope so that people can be assured that he has no divided allegiances.

People like Saki Macozoma and Phumzile Mlambo-Ngquka realised that worshipping two gods is not practically possible and have officially joined Cope.

We have wished them well in their new political home.

We expect Mbeki not to allow Cope to continue using him for cheap political point-scoring.

Tsedu's bold observation represents the feelings of many ANC members who are appalled by Mbeki's silence.

One of my children told me that Mbeki had been silent on many critical matters and he is not surprised.

He also reminded me of the public service month-long strike in 2008 and the Khutsong upheaval.

Lazarus Nsiki, Letaba