ANC welcomes all the defectors

ANC president Jacob Zuma made a call a long time ago to members who defected to return because it's cold out there. To date, the ANC has welcomed back large numbers of its members.

Mlungisi Hlongwane is one of the thousands who have responded to the call to return before the elections. We'd like to welcome him back and again make a plea to those still swimming in that pool of disgruntlement called Cope to come back home.

Hlongwane said he left Cope because of its tribal and undemocratic nature. His move back to the ANC indicates that he is coming back to a democratically-diverse and culturally-inclusive organisation in terms of leadership and governance.

Some Cope members feel belittled for having been excluded in the process to elect a presidential candidate. They feel that Mvume Dandala is not their candidate of choice. They argue that he was imposed on them by the elite in Cope and that they were not consulted in the matter.

This is where Hlongwane feels that Smuts Ngonyama, Barney Pityana and Mluleki George played the tribalistic card to impose Dandala as leader.

We therefore call on the others to return to the organisation that represents hope to the masses of our people.

Bongani Makhubu, Thokoza