Striking taxi drivers trust the ANC

It is very exciting to see taxi association embarking on mass rolling action to the headquarters of the ruling party.

It is a clear indication of trust that every worker in this country has for the ANC and its leadership. Is it because they know that if there is crisis there is only one party that can be able to intervene decisively? It is true when ANC says "together we can do more."

My problem begins when some of the drivers begin to take off their clothes and strut naked in the streets of Johannesburg.

How do you feel when you wake up in the morning and you find your daughter or your son reading a newspaper that shows you naked?

It was also very disappointing to see taxi drivers lootingshops and street vendors' wares. The hawkers and shop owners are trying to make a living like everyone else. We can't be seen to be behaving like hooligans.

Let the motto of ubuntu dictate the type of person you are as a South African. We can't go to such extremes as to even threaten to stop the 2010 Fifa World Cup.

The ANC has capable leaders to engage with everyone who has a problem. That's why even the taxi industry ran to it to seek its intervention because the ANC is there for the people. It also clear that people have hope in the ANC. The ANC can do more if we return it to power.

Matankana Mothapo,

Auckland Park