Sort out your own parties

It seems Terror Lekota and Helen Zille will do anything to injure the good name of the ANC.

It is hard for them to address their supporters without attacking the ANC.

Are they not aware that it's a blessing in disguise, since they keep the mighty name of the party on everyone's lips thus increasing the chances of it gaining more votes.

Cope and the DA, both small parties, should concentrate on shaping their own future rather than placing emphasis on a few failures by the ANC. These two political parties are not strategic enough to recruit enough supporters. How on earth could Zille try to tarnish the ANC's reputation by standing next to "sewage" and state that she wants the country's next president, Jacob Zuma, to come and look? If she thinks her lame publicity stunt made a impression, she can forget it.

As a staunch supporter of the ANC, I'm not easily convinced that the party did not perform optimally over the past 15 years. What about the millions of RDP houses it managed to provide? What about the freedom that every citizen takes pleasure in?

Not to mention the enhancement of the country's educational system. There has never been any ruling party which surpassed the ANC in terms of service delivery.

Rabelani Mahafha,

Muwaweni Village