No room for lazy people, says Zuma

Kingdom Mabuza

Kingdom Mabuza

ANC president Jacob Zuma has promised South Africans a corruption-free government that will deal harshly with corrupt representatives and civil servants.

"Times have changed and we can no longer do things the same way. We must treat corruption in a different way. We must stop corruption, especially in the public sector.

"We have to change these sophisticated processes of suspending people with pay, allowing a criminal to sit home and get paid."

Zuma told people of Rustenburg, North West, during a Siyanqoba rally yesterday, that a law that would prevent a suspended person to continue to get a salary would be created.

"In the new administration there would be no room for lazy people who do not want to work."

Zuma said elected ANC leaders should refuse to take duties they would be unable to perform. He said there would be a structure in the presidency that would police all spheres of government.

"That structure would check whether people in government do their work."

Zuma said public representatives would not be allowed to serve their full terms if they do not work for the people.

He added that ANC members should not bother about disrupting other parties. "Do not block their meetings because that makes them think they are important."

He said ANC members who left for other parties were welcome to back in the ANC.