'my child killed by Hospital neglect'

Alfred Maselakgomo

Alfred Maselakgomo

A Mpumalanga family are outraged after their daughter died from what they believe was hospital negligence.

The Motloutsi family in Lesiso village near Marapyane in KwaMhlanga said they took Martina to Mmametlhake Hospital on Wednesday because she had severe stomach pains.

Martina's mother Rosina said yesterday that they left her at the hospital at about 2pm after she was put on a drip. They were phoned about five hours later and informed that Martina had been discharged and that they should come and collect her.

"I told them that it was too late and that we did not have transport. I pleaded with them to accommodate her for the night as the hospital is 50kilometres away," she said.

She said the nurses told her that there were no beds and that there was no way they could accommodate Martina.

"Realising that I could not come to the hospital they provided her with a wheelchair on which she slept for the night. We believe that had the hospital at least given her a blanket she would have been saved."

Martina died on the way home on Thursday.

Motloutsi said her daughter had not been well since last month but last week her condition worsened, prompting them to take her to a local clinic. "The nurses at the clinic insisted that she be taken to the hospital as she was very weak.

"I still can't believe she's dead, how do you just dump a patient on a wheelchair and expect them to survive. This is awful, there are ambulances and they should have brought her home with one of them rather than killing her," she said.

Rosina has threatened to take the matter to court.

Provincial health department spokesperson Mpho Gabashane said he was not aware of the incident and needed time to consult before he could comment.