Idols try to impress as chop looms

Patience Bambalele

Patience Bambalele

Cape Town-born singer Sasha-Lee Davids kicked off the Idols Performance on a high note yesterday at the Mosaeik Theatre, Fairlands.

Davids, together wih seven other contestants, were performing to impress judges ahead of the chop later tonight.

They were required to sing material by local musicians and Davids performed Destiny better than the Afropop group who were present among the audience.

Band member Tshedi Mholo admitted as much saying: "Sasha, you performed the song well and you've really given me a challenge." And the judges to were impressed

Following a Davids hard act, Pixie Bennett did not disappoint. She sang a refreshing interpretation of Marcalex's Quick Quick.

However, Lindel Moomsamy, performing Bright Blues's Weeping, failed to impress with Mara Louw charging: "The song was appropriate but there is no light or shade in your performance. You need to connect to the song."

Then it was Thembi Nkosi's turn, who's done well in the past few weeks, to dazzle with club song Bhuti Ngihamba Nawe by Mafikizolo, bowling the judges over.

But Cameron Bruce, who was the last performer, failed dismally and all the judges told him that it was just not his day.

Other people who had good performances were Jason Hartman and Graeme Watkins.