Theatre helping to mould the young

Victor Mecoamere

Victor Mecoamere

If efforts are increased to make arts and culture a pivotal part of South Africa's civil defence system, we would need fewer or no soldiers on our borders.

This is the view of North West's sports, arts and culture department official Solly Nkadimeng.

"Through the arts, we are able to preach messages heightening community awareness, education and the people's positive, preventive involvement; forming a healthy civil defence system," Nkadimeng says.

Absa marketing and communications manager Zine Mogorosi believes that youth development programmes such as the Stop Crime Drama Festival are helping to nurture future leaders to shun crime and criminality.

"With the communities we cater for, we can achieve so much more, and the skills transfer aspect is helping to secure the longevity of this fine youth development programme," Mogorosi says.

Rhythm City star Mduduzi Mabaso says: "This is one of the many youth and arts and culture development programmes that have helped me reach the level I am at right now, after having participated as an actor each year for 11 years."

Muvhango's Rapulana Seiphemo says: "After more than 20 years in the arts, I feel I am well-placed to lend a hand to this fine youth development programme. We underestimate crime and criminality, thinking it is enough to punish offenders, instead of staging such awareness-creating and educational events."