Immigrants will only vote for DA

How interesting that the ANC have put up posters in the Portuguese, Greek and Italian languages! The DA was the first to put up posters in Portuguese in the 1999 elections. Clearly, the ANC is desperately trying to woo the immigrant-minority vote.

They simply don't get it! The communities they are targeting with public meetings and now posters will never vote for the ANC.

The very reason most of them came here in the first place was to get away from governments exactly like the ANC - a closed-crony society.

My parents fled from an ANC-style society in search of an open-opportunity society where they would be given the freedom and opportunities they dreamt of. Most immigrants of my parent's generation personally experienced a closed-patronage society.

My mother grew up in a one-room house that she shared with her parents, two sisters and a brother. Often, the only food she ate in a day was a boiled egg or potato and some water. Such memories lie deep in their hearts and they will do everything to ensure that their offspring never experience it .

They will always vote for parties that offer an open-opportunity society. For the Portuguese, Hellenic and Italian communities the vote of choice is the DA, of course.

Manny de Freitas, Councillor: City of Johannesburg