Food to lift any corporate event

Zenoyise Madikwa

Zenoyise Madikwa

Ordering food for a meeting can be a tricky business. Preparing for your corporate event is easy. The hardest decision you'll have to make is what food to choose?

According to Annie Hodes of The Bread Basket, food says a lot about a function. A few packets of crisps and some peanuts will tell your guests that you don't think they're important. So where do you begin?

"Important members of your association or clients attend these functions, so it is vital to have a professional and high quality spread. You don't want a potential customer getting food poisoning," says Hodes.

Platters are the solution

Hodes says you can't offer guests individual orders, which is why buffets are a smart option. She says the only problem is that the food is mass-prepared, sometimes days in advance, and you don't always have banqueting facilities to offer seated dining. A great alternative is catering platters from a respected caterer. These appeal to a variety of tastes and special dietary requirements. You can order a custom platter to suit your needs. Easy and professional.

Dietary requirements

Hodes says the easiest way to ensure professional catering, is to get the professionals to do it.

"Many restaurants and bakeries offer corporate platters. The Bread Basket offers specialised platters to fit special dietary requirements. It is important to provide appropriate options for vegetarians, wheat-intolerant and other special diets."

Casual or formal

Corporate meetings can range from informal, internal get-togethers to new business proposals. Hodes says for a casual environment, pizza slices, open sandwiches and cocktail sausages are a delicious, no-fuss option.

"How about impressing a special guest with a platter from their home country? Greek mezé or Italian speciality platters are sure to impress. And maybe help you close the deal. The Bread Basket incorporates several nationalities in their speciality-national platters."


Morning meetings are becoming increasingly popular. A delicious platter of breakfast treats such as croissants, pastries and muffins will get the day off to a great start. Fruit is also a good option to ignite a morning session.

Meat lovers

Don't assume your guests will be satisfied with refined delicacies or crudité. Many people like homely, meaty foods. Cold meats, frikkadels and chicken pieces always go down well.


Guests with a sweet tooth will head for the dessert platter. Don't forget those who are watching their figures. Include a seasonal fruit platter for health-conscious guests.


If your meeting is scheduled for more than a few hours, include a few snack platters. You don't want hungry guests thinking about food instead of paying attention to the meeting. Cheese and paté platters are great for a snack or to round off a main course platter. Snack platters are also appropriate for short meetings.