Boesak should be last to moralise

I refer to your interview with the Reverend Allan Boesak.

I refer to your interview with the Reverend Allan Boesak.

How can a convicted fraudster who was jailed dare speak about morals? Boesak is a corrupt, failed priest who thinks he can set moral values for us. A priest can't counsel people and then betray them and steal money intended to help them. And Cope wants us to trust him.

Boesak goes to the media to try and cleanse his name so he can be viewed as a hero by the poor he robbed. He is devious and judges the ANC president instead of praying for him, thus forsaking his pastoral obligations. No court has found Jacob Zuma guilty after more than eight years of malicious investigation.

Boesak is like a jackal in a sheep's skin, a pretentious priest who goes to church everyday yet harbours evil intentions.

Cope leaders must not think they are clean because most of them are failures and corrupt . They are the mafia who arbitrarily sold our state assets when they were senior leaders in government. This is why they left the ANC, not the lies about lack of democracy in the ANC.

They say the president must be elected by the people, but Cope does not allow members to choose a leader. Which province nominated Mvume Dandala? How can South Africans trust them?

Kesa Ngakantsi, Auckland Park