Winnie earned nomination

The objections by opposition parties regarding comrade Winnie Madikizela-Mandela's inclusion on the ANC's parliamentary candidates list is baseless.

Madikizela-Mandela has the necessary experience and the credibility that this country needs.

Nobody is perfect. We have all made mistakes at some points in our lives. We do make mistakes, but those cannot be held against an individual who offers his or her services to a country that they love and have fought for so hard.

Even if some people do not approve the nomination, the ANC will be victorious and Madikizela-Mandela will be in Parliament as our public representative. And who knows, maybe even as a minister given her experience, education and her high profile.

To our poor opposition, may I make a humble plea and further advise you to scrutinise your own lists, analyse your candidates and stop bothering about the ANC's list. Leave the ANC list alone. The majority of the people of this country will apply their honest and noble minds to it on April 22.

March on and soldier on, comrade Winnie. Pack your bags and prepare to catch the earliest flight to Cape Town after the elections.

Patrick Morathi, Mothotlung