Artists help youth stay free of drugs

Gugu Sibiya

Gugu Sibiya

Substance abuse is one of the most serious maladies of our time. Promoters have realised that it's no longer just about fighting the scourge through festivals, but taking the fight to the perpetrators who get our youngsters addicted and then use them to sell drugs.

Artists Tshepo Tshola and Busi Mhlongo have hosted plenary sessions for those affected at the Oasis Life church in Daveyton, outside Benoni.

They have gone on a door-to-door campaign and visited Unity High school, Dinoto Technical Secondary School, Hulwazi High School, Mabuya High School, Rivoni Secondary School, Nyathi Secondary School and Davey Secondary School.

Today sees these crusaders touch base with pupils at Etwatwa school in Daveyton, which will be followed by whistle-stop visits to Quantum, Vezukhono, BB Myathaza, Dr Harry Gwala, PhandiMfundo and Caiphus Nyoka Secondary schools.

Tomorrow the message about drugs destroying communities will be taken to Wattville schools such as Ephes Mamokele, Etwatwa, Willow Moore and Wordsworth.

On Friday, the campaign goes to Actonville schools including Benoni Educational College, Mary Moodley Place of Safety and Kids Haven.

After a hectic week talking to pupils about how destructive drugs are, they wrap up the campaign in Daveyton.

Helping to hoist the flag high for a clean and drug-free lifestyle are Kabelo and Hugh Masekela.

The week-long Awareness Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse is spearheaded by the Gauteng Department of Social Development in partnership with the Musicians Artists Assistance Programme of South Africa. Artists will continue to work hand in glove with recognised community members and structures such as ward councillors, volunteers, local community development councillors, school principals, Sanca, Kids Haven , Mary Moodley Place of Safety and Benoni Child Welfare Society . These individuals and structures will then wrap up the anti-drug campaign on March 31 at the Oasis Church of Life.