Sibling rivalry is common, in fact almost inevitable.

Sibling rivalry is common, in fact almost inevitable.

Many times when introducing a new baby into a family, the existing child will display feelings of jealousy. Even families with two or more children frequently deal with rivalry among siblings. It is a natural reaction, but it is how parents deal with the situation that is important.

Don't expect children to overcome rivalry and jealousy overnight. This needs to be addressed on an ongoing basis, especially as children grow.

One way to help children overcome feelings of jealousy is to spend special time with each child individually. By sharing quality time with each child on a one-on-one basis, you let them know that they are not in competition with each other.

When you are forced to referee, allow each child a turn to speak. Listen to their opinions. And never take sides.

Always offer a simple solution. Even better, offer questions to make them think about the conflict and come up with their own solutions. Make sure the conflict ends in a resolution with a plan for the future. - Parenting Home