The Polokwane group must go

South African citizens who understand democracy, political tolerance, recognise and acknowledge excellence, must ensure that on April 22 they go to polls in big numbers and vote for parties such as Azapo.

This will help ensure that the hegemony, complacency and the apparent arrogance that is being displayed by the Polokwane group, is significantly minimised.

For the first time in 15 years of our democracy, many law-abiding citizens will have a great opportunity to express their disapproval of the dictatorship and arrogance displayed by the Polokwane group and the apparent failure to deliver on decent and quality services promised to citizens since 1994.

The time for the ruling party politicians to hide themselves behind the tired catch phrases such as "challenges", "processes", "better life for all", is over and there is no time for experimenting. In all the areas where Azapo conducted door-to-door campaigns, residents were saying that there is indeed a "better life for all" those linked to the ruling elite, their girlfriends, boyfriends, wives and husbands.

April 22 provides all of us with an excellent opportunity to stop the arrogance and help save our country from imminent dictatorship.

Lesego Mogotsi Tshwane