ANC terrorising its rivals

The current actions of the ANC towards opposition parties, particularly Cope, have the Zanu-PF tactics written all over them.

Zanu-PF has undermined the rule of law solely to promote the interests of Robert Mugabe. It has converted Zimbabwe from a constitutional democracy to a dictatorship just to protect their liberation hero. State resources were plundered in the process. In the same vein, the ANC, in cahoots with the SACP and Cosatu, are destroying our democratic institutions to defend Jacob Zuma from going to court to clear his name from the corruption charges.

Like Mugabe, Zuma is a liberation hero who should be above the law by virtue of having done much for the country in the liberation struggle. His credentials supersede his illegal and immoral conduct, no matter how damaging on South Africa.

The ANC is conducting a terror campaign against parties such as Cope with impunity. These parties have to turn to the courts for recourse.

The relentless attempts to remove Cope officials from office give credibility to the fact that the ANC-led government is fast becoming just like Zimbabwe.

The ANC is so hungry for power that it is now eroding all democratic values to attain it.

Moyane Mthunzi