Nomakanjani cannot succeed

I was flabbergasted to hear that the JMPD had embarked on Project Nomakanjani. I was excited to hear they will enforce general road policing, but wondered if they are prepared for the backlash ?

When we create laws we need to ensure that they are enforceable or we turn citizens into criminals . Imagine for a moment that we institute a bylaw that a motorist is not allowed to smoke in his car. When driving at night on a long, quiet road he will fight with his conscience for a while and finally have the cigarette. After a while, he would not feel anything for littering or driving on yellow lines because he has committed offences similar in penalty and punishment.

The most important deterrent to poor road compliance is good and visible policing. It is one thing to be visible, but unless you are proactive and reactive, you can't enforce the law. And it is another thing to be proactive and reactive, but if you are not visible or outnumbered you can't provide good policing.

The JMPD is arresting people for the way they drive yet have not prepared themselves for how to handle and effect the arrests and ensure that no one escapes. Do they have the ability and resources to enforce the law and ensure that the law will protect commuters and motorists?

Darren Bergman, DA Safety spokesperson, Johannesburg