Eclectic products that do not cost the earth

Describe the products that you source for the new Poetry stores?

Describe the products that you source for the new Poetry stores?

We stock eclectic homeware and collections of exclusive clothing and accessories at realistic prices.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

The excitement of seeing Poetry stores receiving such acclaim in such a short time and the huge potential of this brand in South Africa.

How did you get involved in buying for Poetry?

I did a course on fashion design. Clothing design gave me an opportunity to explore my creativity.

What makes your products different from those you can buy elsewhere?

We go the extra mile and finding some of the homeware requires some serious travelling to obscure parts of the planet. We are launching some really exciting new products in the next few months. Almost all of them will be exclusively made for us.

Name one of your best sellers?

Some of our silver jewellery and our grooming products.

Are the products locally made or imported?

We use local as well as overseas sources. Local products are all made with our own recipes and we work with some of our crockery designers.

Do you travel a lot?

To do the job properly requires at least four or five trips a year.

What is the most exciting place you have been to on a buying trip?

Jaipur is quite a cultural experience. A real dichotomy of poverty and incredible style. Stores such as The Gem Palace and Miss India can rival stores on 5th Avenue. The Taj Palace makes our five-star equivalents look pale in comparison.

Are you required to test the products?

We test most of our body products, candles and of course use fit models to ensure our clothing is up to spec.

What shouldn't you leave Poetry without?

Some eclectic bits of homeware such as throws and handmade cushions will grace any home. Our candles are superb quality, made with a German wax and 4percent essential oils, and will burn much longer than conventional candles. Then there is the silver jewellery which is so understated yet beautifully made. It will grace any outfit.

Name the Poetry item that you always have on you, and why?

Silver jewellery. It looks good with anything I wear.

What is the best part of your job?

Travelling to obscure places in search of eclectic pieces.

What is your favourite item from your range?

Not sure really. The range is quite broad and it depends on my mood. If you gave me a blank voucher I wouldn't know what to buy first.