Buthelezi loved, Malema reviled for same reasons

It is interesting, though in a sad way, to note the hypocrisy of our media and public commentators when it comes to criticising anything and everything any ANC leader says.

Today it is most fashionable to call Malema a rude idiot who has no respect.

But what about Chief Mangosuthu Buthelezi, speaking on radio on March 16about some issue he deems to be rubbish? You wonder how this leader, with a history of deriding those who disagree with him, always escapes the wrath of the media and commentators?

By the way, it has not always stopped with verbal attacks. In addition to other most-gruesome activities, we also witnessed Buthelezi's physical attack on national TV on an interviewee who dared to speak unkindly of him. Yet the chief remains a respected leader who is punted as a darling, most honourable and worthy of respect.

Why the double agenda? Those who seek to advance the interests of the majority are always hounded and made to feel miserable and afraid. That is the reason we thank God for the likes of Malema, who speaks out fearlessly for us. May you stay strong Sebata, with the full knowledge that we see what you are doing for us. When you make mistakes, as you are bound to, we will correct you and guide you, not with the intention of putting you down, but to build and strengthen you. We keep you in our prayers.

Zuzu McBerth Mdluli, Gauteng