Moutse makes threats

Dudu Busani

Dudu Busani

The Moutse community want to be incorporated back into Mpumalanga before the national elections - or they will start "burning things".

This was after their case was postponed yet again by the Constitutional Court yesterday, until May 21.

"By the time we come back to court, there will be a new premier in Mpumalanga and we will have to start all over again," said the spokesperson for the Moutse Demarcation Forum, Mokgotsi Seun.

"We want this sorted out or we will intensify the struggle."

The postponement came after 11 applicants and three respondents were granted access to read a report on public involvement of the community and all stakeholders regarding the incorporation.

They were then ordered to keep the details of the report confidential until the decision on the matter is heard from cabinet.

"Why are they keeping the report away from us? We have a feeling it is not in our favour. If so, there will be another Khutsong. We will burn things to ashes," said Seun.

Moutse falls under the Sekhukhune municipality which was moved to Limpopo in 2006.

The community argues that the Mpumalanga legislature "failed to facilitate public involvement" in the process and that their view was not taken into account when the move was approved.