Most election promises will not be fulfilled

In the run-up to the elections, all political parties seek to boost their image with manifestos.

Some of the electorate might be duped, but the reality is that in most cases the manifestos are hardly likely to be implemented simply because the plethora of small parties stand little chance of being called on to give effect to their well-meant intentions.

The ANC manifesto is so glaringly inconsistent with what they are doing in practice - fighting corruption tooth and nail; improving the standard of education; creating 100000 (or was it 500000) additional jobs etc. Why should voters believe that they will live up to their undertakings after the elections if they are failing dismally to do so now?

The smaller and medium opposition parties can only become effective if they agree now to cooperate after the elections on the basis of values and ethics and to refrain from infighting and self-seeking interests. If their respective elections undertakings and manifestos vary now and they undertake to cooperate effectively after the elections, they will be required to review their undertakings to enable them to cooperate. Election promises can only be fulfilled by a sustainable budget and the promises of all parties far outstrip the financial realities.

Fortunately, many voters are not gullible. All parties should collectively make a serious effort to promote political credibility with voters.

VA Volker, Pietermaritzburg