Art on Paper hosts group exhibition

Patience Bambalele

Patience Bambalele

Art on Paper Gallery in Braamfontein, Johannesburg, staging a group exhibition between Conrad Botes, Anton Kannemeyer and Henning Wagenbrethuntil March 25.

It is one of the biggest exhibitions this year.

Although on face value their work appears to be quite different, each recognises in the other's work a satirical take on current and historical sociopolitical issues as articulated by the alternative faction of society.

Wagenbreth presents a selection of work that introduces his own suite of satirical representations of society or the sociopolitical view of a corrupt West African country, Cry for Help.

Kannemeyer's works comprise a selection of sketches from his drawing books, introducing a series of three new etchings, pine trees and view from Anna's bedroom.

Known for his beautiful lithographs, Botes is a very talented artist. Both he and Kannemeyer insert themselves in the visual narrative of their work, which often includes two themes: the self-portrait and obscure men.

Many of these men, such as David Lynch and Jacob Zuma, do not necessarily suffer from obscurity as they do of scandalousness and notorious deeds.

The exhibition also features a number of art works created jointly by the two artists.

Kannemeyer and Botes are founders of Bitterkomix - a rude, almost abusive, cutting publication that the two started as students to jolt the establishment and enliven the lives of their gleeful peers, and which they still publish regularly.