Some clubs need to do more to woo fans

The recent attendance at some of the PSL's matches has been awesome.

The recent attendance at some of the PSL's matches has been awesome.

Many people with a passion for soccer are convinced that this will benefit South Africa when it hosts the Confederations Cup in June. But my worry is that people are coming in droves only to matches involving title contenders.

This good attendance could be due to the hard work that these teams always put in to woo their 12th player to rally for them in this crucial time of the season.

But what are teams like Bidvest Wits, Platinum Stars, Santos and Ajax Cape Town doing in this regard, particularly when they play against each other? They are doing little, to put bums on the seats.

They need to come up with some innovative measures to lure more people to their matches.

I was happy when Wits introduced a rent-a-crowd drive sometime back, but I have not heard about it lately, or at least it is not as vibrant and visible as before.

Their drive was aimed at the students at the university and it worked for them. These students, even though they were not Wits devotees, would come in their numbers to root for the team.

Interestingly, though, the same students would cheer for, say, Kaizer Chiefs when they scored against Wits. But it was good for football to see a team like Wits having more supporters at their home matches.

The situation in Cape Town is equally disheartening.

The Capetonians are selective when it comes to matches and their attitude is not good for football. These guys will come in numbers only when the likes of Chiefs and Orlando Pirates are in town.

But I don't think we should direct an accusing figure only at the supporters.

What are Ajax and Santos doing to change the Capetonians' mind-set?

The Confederations Cup, which is just around the corner, will test our passion for football and the outcome might hurt a great deal if we are not careful. Fifa will use crowd responses as a barometer to test our love for the beautiful game ahead of the World Cup next year.

Fifa will seriously doubt our passion for football if we fail to impress on the grand stands in the Confederations Cup.

It is always encouraging to listen to club bosses talking about the two important Fifa competitions, but I don't think they are doing something to convince their supporters on the ground to attend these tournaments.

The LOC, which has received flak from Fifa for not doing enough to promote the World Cup, should not be the only committee to promote these tournaments.

Asisebenzisaneni maAfrika!