Chiding Mugabe for crash is pitiful

Nothing stains Robert Mugabe's detractors more than their rush to blame and suspect him of masterminding the recent car crash in which the wife of Zimbabwe's Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai was killed.

Mugabe is no angel, but history may glorify him as a result of those people who are desperate to vilify him . When fact is forensically visited and blatant lies, insinuations, rumour and fabrications are discovered by future generations, they are bound to deify him and his legacy.

Some among us have been so indoctrinated by the anti-Mugabe propaganda that they have totally lost their objectivity.

Hundreds of fatal accidents happen every day in Zimbabwe and they are not publicised because the victims are not politicians or celebrities.

Those people who blame Mugabe for the road deaths of his political adversaries must remember that he also lost colleagues and loved ones in car accidents. And his adversaries were never suspected.

Tsvangirai has said that he suspects no foul play, but Mugabe's critics refuse to listen .

As usual, Mugabe's detractors will wait for another mishap and the rush to blame him, in spite of the egg on their faces.

Donato Shongwe, Randburg