anc JOBS claim

Alex Matlala

Alex Matlala

Allegations about using the lure of jobs on government projects like the R9billion De Hoop Dam and road construction to recruit for the ANC have rocked the Makhuduthamaga municipality.

The De Hoop Dam is a labour intensive project to provide water to the arid Sekhukhune district.

The project was launched in 2007 and is to be completed by 2011. The allegations came to light after a number of villagers claimed they were forced to produce "ANC membership cards" or join the party in order to be considered for jobs.

The road construction projects, worth R40million, are poised to provide jobs for villagers in the Sekhukhune area.

The allegations have been levelled against ANC ward councillors and ward committee members who recruit workers for the project.

Aubrey Tshwane, a 38-year-old unemployed father of four, told Sowetan yesterday he was "forced" to join the ANC by ward committee members.

He claimed he was approached by ward councillor Peter Tabane Rankwe, who pleaded with him to join the ANC if he wanted to get a job at the site.

"He said he can only give me a job if I joined the ANC," claimed Tshwane.

Another resident, Maggie Kgorea, an unemployed mother of five children, said she had lost hope of getting a job at the project "because all the jobs have eyes".

Spokesperson for the Makhuduthamaga municipality Maabane Maabane described the villagers' claims as "baseless and unfounded".

Two other women who work at the road construction site corroborated the claims.

One of them, a woman from Makgane village whose name is known to Sowetan, said she and her cousin were approached by a ward committee member who gave them R12 each and issued them with ANC membership cards.

"He later told us to go to the site and queue with others for the job and we were employed," she said.

Another woman, who works at the GaMogashoa construction site, said she registered for the job at an ANC meeting where her name was drawn from a box.

The 27-year-old woman also claimed that all those at the meeting were only ANC members.