Mistress kicks widow out of house

RAW DEAL: Mohlale Elisabeth Sebopela is squatting with friends.  Cicra 2009. Pic. Alex Matlala.  © Sowetan
RAW DEAL: Mohlale Elisabeth Sebopela is squatting with friends. Cicra 2009. Pic. Alex Matlala. © Sowetan

Alex Matlala

Alex Matlala

A Limpopo widow has been kicked out of her family home by her late husband's girlfriend.

The girlfriend, identified as Bapakiyeng Jane Mohlala, also allegedly stole R30000 from the deceased's bank account.

Mohlale Elisabeth Sebopela, 58, was allegedly kicked out of her Namakgale house by Mohlala soon after the death of her husband.

The girlfriend started dating Piet Sebopela, 67, in 1991 in Phalaborwa where the deceased worked as a miner.

When they started their liaison, Sebopela had been married to Elisabeth for about 21 years and had eight children.

The marriage certificate indicates that Sebopela and Elisabeth were married in 1972.

On February 13, Sebopela died of pulmonary tuberculosis.

A day before his funeral, cash amounting to R30000 was withdrawn from his FNB bank account.

On the same day, R18000 was deposited into Mohlala's bank account.

Sowetan is in possession of transactions made at the bank where the money was allegedly withdrawn by Mohlala.

"We went to the police station to open a case of theft, but to date no arrest has been made.

"We are puzzled that the suspect is still walking free in spite of producing tangible evidence that she was linked to the unauthorised withdrawal of the money," said the distraught widow yesterday.

Elisabeth, who has a letter from a magistrate authorising her to assume control of the deceased's estate, says police have been unable to remove Mohlala from the house.

"I have now sought refuge with sympathetic people despite my late husband having left me a house," cried Elisabeth yesterday.

Contacted for comment, Mohlala said she will not move out of the house.

She said the house belonged to her husband, to whom she was married under common law.

She said the house belonged to her as much as it did to the "first wife".

She admitted withdrawing the money from Sebopela's bank account, saying it belonged to her.

"I withdrew the money because I wanted to spend on funeral costs for my husband," she said.

A case of theft against Mohlala has been opened at the Phalaborwa police station.

At the time of going to press, the police had not responded to queries about why no arrest had been made despite charges having been laid last week.