DJ stands by her cheating man

Riot Hlatshwayo

Riot Hlatshwayo

The Ligwalagwala FM presenter of a show dealing with women and family issues has lived up to her inspirational radio lessons.

Listeners who were phoning into Make Thelma Siboza's show (Ta Bomake) yesterday morning challenged her about a report in the Sowetan that revealed that her husband had squandered almost R50000 by giving it to his mistress of about 15 years.

Siboza told her listeners that she was not the first woman to find herself in a "challenging" situation such as this one and expressed her undying love for her cheating husband.

"I can't see myself succumbing to some little woman and allowing her to destroy my marriage," Siboza said.

"I will pull through this problem and as this is a family matter we shall handle it that way."

Her husband, Enock Siboza, 58, confirmed to Sowetan that he had deposited about R50000 into the bank accounts of his girlfriend, Nyan-kwave Isabel Sithole of Middelburg since December last year.

He said he had deposited amounts ranging between R2000 and R20000 into the woman's accounts believing that he would get his returns when the girlfriend procured catering tenders from the government.

"She told me that if I financed the stock we would earn about R150000 from the government but I started being suspicious when, despite a single payment not having been made, she kept on asking for more money," said Siboza.

He has already instituted a lawsuit against Sithole through the help of a law firm in Nelspruit, which has already served summons on her

Sowetan has also managed to track down two women who allegedly convinced the "sugar daddy" to give Sithole the money, claiming to be government workers who were processing the catering tender.

"Yes I work for the education department, Eish! I'm actually lying, I'm not working," said one of Sithole's friends, Sophie Mathabatha.

"I lied to that man when I said that I was a government employee who processed the tenders for his girlfriend but only did so because I wanted to help my friend to get the money from him."

Another woman who was identified only as Thuli said she had nothing to do with the whole matter.

"My only offence is to be friends with Isabel and to know about her affair with this man.

"I did not convince him to give her money," said Thuli before putting down the phone.