SABC ignores PAC in public debate forums

The SABC political debates are largely dominated by the ruling party and the breakaway party, Cope.

It goes without saying that Snuki Zikalala, the SABC's head of news and current affairs, is undermining the PAC which is the genuine organisation of the poor African masses.

There is no need for further postulation on the matter - it is true that the PAC has been invited only once on these SABC debates while the ANC, Cope and DA frequent these sessions every week.

The truth will prevail and the empty promises by Zikalala that parties are supposed to be given time according to their proportional representation in Parliament are not happening.

In which Parliament or legislature does Cope serve?

It is about time the SABC expelled Zikalala as the public attacks on the SABC journalist/s by Azapo will be a Sunday school picnic compared to the full-on attacks that are still to happen.

The PAC has made an indelible mark in the history of this country and no amount of lies written with ink that is propagated by the SABC can destroy the movement.

We are the pacesetters of this struggle and the SABC cannot wish us away.

Aubrey NgwatlePAC provincial spokesperson, Limpopo