No stopping the ruling party

The news of the ANC winning all wards in Eastern Cape, taking a clean sweep with a 83percent win, truly humbles me.

When Jacob Zuma attracted more than 90000 people to the ANC manifesto rally, the biggest since Madiba's 1990 rally, Cope and the media accused the ruling party of all sorts of misdeeds.

During by-elections in many provinces after the exodus of ANC councillors to Cope, where the ANC also had a clean sweep, the media said: "The results bear no significance or indication of what awaits the ANC in the April elections."

The ANC has proved to everyone, including a Cope organiser who said: "We congratulate the ANC, they worked very hard."

Can we still say that these results, just six weeks before the elections, bear no indication to what might happen in April?

This reminds me of Saddam Hussain's lieutenant who told the world that Iraq was winning the war when US troops were at the door of the house he was speaking from.

Eastern Cape is the very province that United Democratic Movement leader Bantu Holomisa claimed was his in 1999, after he left the ANC to form his own party.

Stop denying the ANC's power and popularity. It is the most popular party in the country and the media should admit it so that we can all move on.

Luther Lebelo, Kyalami