No peace for granny (82) as family struggles to bury her

Mhlaba Memela

Mhlaba Memela

The body of a grandmother from a destitute family has been lying at a mortuary in Durban for 48 days.

Ntebu Phamotse Phiri's family is unable to pay for her burial because they are unemployed.

Phamotse Phiri, 82, of Mawoti informal settlement, north of Durban, died on January 15 after a long illness and was taken to a Durban mortuary.

The poor woman had taken a funeral cover with her pension grant in readiness for the worst.

But her funeral cover lapsed fives month ago when the South African Social Security Agency started to deposit her pension grant in her bank account due to her illness.

Family spokesperson and Phiri's nephew Mphu Phamotse said she had tried everything to get the money to bury their loved one.

"We have tried everything in vain. She was every old and she deserved a decent burial," she sobbed.

Mphu said her wish was to see her aunt buried.

"I was hoping that she would get peace when she died after being sick for a long time, but now I'm sad because I'm unable to help.

"My aunt had no children and we are the only surviving relatives. I have visited different places, trying to find a Good Samaritan to help us," she said.

Local community leader Eric Mtshali said the leaders had met over the issue but failed to find anyone willing to help the family with the burial.

If you are can help please phone 078-485-6748 or 084-415-9426