Moloto still gunning for Malemas

Alex Matlala

Alex Matlala

Cope in Limpopo has decided against campaigning at ANC Youth League president Julius Malema's home.

Cope premier-elect and former Limpopo premier Sello Moloto said on Tuesday he would kick-start his campaign yesterday at Malema's house in Seshego - where the youth leader lives with his grandmother and siblings.

But the party made an about-turn and postponed its plans until further notice.

Cope provincial spokesperson Willy Mokwalakwala said they postponed the campaign to introduce and welcome Moloto and their presidential candidate Mvume Dandala to the province.

He said they have a month-long programme of rallies and meetings that the two leaders would address and Seshego Zone 1, where Malema lives, was no exception.

"We felt it was important to introduce Moloto first to the people of the province as our premier-elect candidate before the campaign," Mokwalakwala said.

"But we can assure you that we have not developed cold feet.

"We believe we have the right to fish from the same pond as the ANC or any other political party," he said .

Moloto's promise and the postponement of the campaign have, however, not failed to spark a reaction more brouhaha for Cope.

The youth league's provincial chairperson and Moloto's vocal critic, Lehlohonolo Masoga, said yesterday if Moloto wants to taste Malema's bile he should try and recruit Malema's family.

He said Malema's house was "a no-go area for Moloto and his cronies" and threatened that Moloto would live to regret the day he left the ANC if he sets foot in the house.

"We are not afraid of defects of dead wood and political factory faults like Moloto who live in a political refugee camp. Let him try us and he'll see what we're capable of," he said.